About C.S.C. Gir Somnath:

In Gujarat State from 2013, new 7 District have been formed and  approved by state government Gir somnath is a new district from junagadh district. Shree  Dharmbhakti District Community Science Centre – Gir Somnath, managed by Shree Prabhas Kelavani Mandal has been approved  by the Science and Technology Department and Gujarat Council on Science and Technology of Government of Gujarat, is active in Gir Somnath district since 2014. This centre is on the shore of Arabian sea and in the place of          world famous first Jyotirling of lord Shiva Somnath Mahadev

Purpose of C.S.C. Gir somnath:

The main purpose of this centre is to educate students about scientific interests and approaches, to Spread the Knowledge of science in people of society, awareness of  scientific approaches in women of rural area, proper use of natural resources, protection of  environment, education of science in a very easy way in classrooms, The place of superstition and Blindfaith is to give to science, scientific understanding in social life, to make scientific thinking popular among the people of society, and to succeed.

Activities of CSC – Gir somnath:

The District level programs like National Science Seminars, National Science Drama, National Children Science Congress, Rural IT Quiz, are organized by this center.

Various word famous days are celebrated like World Science Day, Birth Anniversary of scientists, Death Anniversary of scientists, lunar eclipse, Energy day, World AIDS day, Word Lion’s Day, World Ozone day, World Environment day, World Wetland Day, World women’s Day.

Science fair is also organized at school, Taluka and District Level.

Science lecture Series, Science career guides, Akash Darshan, agricultural camps, addiction (Social awareness) camps, Nature Education camps and summer vacation workshops are also organized in centre.

In addition to this Programs, like Food adulteration, Superstition Reduction, Science magic, magic of science are conducted by the centre in schools across the District Also This centre is located in the vacinity of world famous pilgrimage Somnath mahadev, So that educational tours of schools and college are coming to visit this centre from all over Gujarat.